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On 02/12/2015

In Widget Weekly

Ask and you shall receive

As requested on Welcome to Widget Weekly, I am going to talk about the polished search engine widgets at emyspot. One of my favorite functions is the search bar, it suits my no-nonsense want-it-now persona (unless of course it is for "really important things" like the puppy bowl or boobing around on facebook). When there is no search bar, there is always Ctrl+F for instant gratification. So give us lazy readers what we want and put in a search bar !


Let your site visitors decide what they want to read and find it fast.

Meet the search engine widgets

Welcome welcome to the search engine widgets. Behind door number one we have the beautiful buxom blog search engine widget, door number two the sultry sly site search engine, and the last door the pleasing pixie pages search engine widget. I have been watching the early episodes of The Dating Game, so all thanks goes to them for the adjective drunk intro.

The site search engine widget

The site search engine is the holy grail of search engines. You type in your search and it gives you results. Listing all the content created with links, the title, the associated add-on and the number of total pages.This makes navigation practical and maximises the pages your site visitors find with one search. Yet if you want to target certain audiences, you can further fine tune the search engine.

The page search engine

The page search engine allows for site visitors to get a personalised quick perusal of your pages to find the information they want the most. This search engine, will only filter through the pages and not other add-ons like the blog. Extremely useful if you have a lot of pages, varied content, a members spot, etc.

The blog search engine

The blog search engine is extremely useful as the blog is frequently updated. While tagging posts and having clear categories help filter, the blog search engine is a way to add a familiar face to your blog and let your readers find the post they desire. Favour your voice, and allow users to search the blog and reach site visitors as you add new posts.


Let's take a real-life example, and say that we are looking for a new computer keyboard.

As you type in "computer keyboard" into the site search engine bar all the results on your site will show, be it a blog post, your store products, a poll, or a page comparing different keyboards. Chances are the keyboard you rave about on your gaming blog is not the one you will buy for dear mum.

So fine tune using the page search engine to guarantee that the search engine will bring them to a product page or an informative page of the keyboards. Or maybe you want to add a more personal touch and go with the blog search engine. Maybe you will find the perfect post about the keyboard that is made for intense gaming and for the less intense, basic, use of mum who still cannot figure out how to turn off CapsLock.

The emyspot search engine gets results of what you want when you want it.

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