Create an online store with an alternative to Shopify in 2023

Looking for an alternative to Shopify in 2023 to create an online store?

Emyspot is the ideal e-commerce website creation tool. Emyspot offers a powerful platform to build an effective online store without any technical skills required. With this alternative to Shopify, you can easily create a complete and professional e-commerce store.

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Why look for a Shopify alternative ?

Shopify also has some negative points. 
Which can be avoided with a website building software equivalent to Shopify ?

Shopify is not the most economical CMS on the market. In addition to the monthly or yearly subscription, it charges commissions on sales, unless you only use Shopify Payments to accept online payments. However, there are cheap alternatives to Shopify that offer great rates for creating online stores without commissions on sales.

While most of Shopify's features are free, some tools for managing an online store are not. Sometimes it may be necessary to download paid plugins, such as tools for managing customer reviews or order shipping. There are alternatives to Shopify that offer all of these essential online selling features for free.

Shopify's admin interface for writing blog posts may not be very intuitive, which can cause difficulties for users who want to create content on their e-commerce site. However, there are other software programs similar to Shopify that offer easy-to-use blogging platforms, which can be a great alternative for users who need to create content regularly for their online store.

Shopify's customer support is often automated and unavailable, which can make it difficult to find answers to your questions about setting up your online store. Alternatives to Shopify offer free technical support accessible by email and phone with personalized answers. 

Emyspot, a Shopify alternative

Emyspot is an interesting alternative to Shopify for the creation of e-commerce website. This online CMS offers the possibility to easily create an online store and sell your products on the internet.

A custom design

It is possible to create an online store with the image of your brand thanks to this alternative to Shopify. Indeed, this platform offers a large choice of free themes and design tools that allow to easily create a e-commerce website consistent with its visual identity. Users can customize the colors, fonts and style of the website in accordance with their graphic charter. For further customization, advanced users can directly modify the CSS.

A lot of features 

Emyspot, as an alternative to Shopify, is a powerful tool to create a complete online store. This online CMS offers all the features you need to start selling online: from payment methods to delivery modes, promotions, newsletters, abandoned cart recovery, etc. All these tools are free and included in the e-commerce solution.

Free support available 

With Emyspot, the Shopify alternative, users can benefit from a personalized support in the creation and management of their online store. The free support is available by email to answer all the questions of the users and help them to create a performing e-commerce website that fits their needs.

Why use Emyspot instead of Shopify?

1. An online store without commission fees

  • Emyspot offers an online CMS to sell products on the Internet without commission. No fees are charged on sales, and only monthly subscription fees are required for the creation and management of an online store.

2. Many free features

  • Emyspot offers all the features needed to sell online, at no extra cost. Users can choose their template, add a delivery method and access marketing tools, all included in the online store creation offer. They can take advantage in an unlimited way of all the e-commerce functionalities and marketing tools proposed by the platform.

3. An optimized referencing for Google

  • Emyspot is designed to allow users to create e-commerce sites that naturally rank well on Google. The e-commerce solution is optimized to ensure a good position of products in search results. In addition, users have the ability to optimize all the essential SEO elements for a quality natural referencing, which contributes to improve the visibility of their site on Google.

How to transfer your Shopify e-commerce website to an e-monsite store?

To migrate your Shopify e-commerce website to an emyspot store, you first need to create an emyspot account, which will be associated to your emyspot website. Then, you just have to choose the URL of your online store, define the title and add a logo.

After filling in this information, you just have to choose a theme among the different themes available on emyspot to define the appearance of your online store. A predefined e-commerce site is then created, including some pages, product sheets and contents that you can customize with your own contents and articles. It is then possible to import its products using a CSV file. All that is left to do is to configure the payment and delivery methods to allow customers to place orders on the online store.

For the other contents such as the brand presentation, the legal mentions, the general sales conditions as well as the delivery and return policy, it is enough to copy and paste them on the new e-commerce site. In just a few clicks, it is possible to transfer your Shopify online store to an e-myspot store.

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