Make a sports club website

Make a sports club website

Choosing to make a club website is perfect for recruiting new sports team members and players, and uniting existing members around an interactive website: your online clubhouse.

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How to make a sporting club website

Anyone involved in your club - managers, presidents, members etc. - can make a free website. All it takes is a quick, free registration.

There's absolutely nothing to install, and you can access and update your site from anywhere, at any time - all it takes is an internet connection. You can even create multiple webmaster accounts to share the management tasks of keeping your website up to date.

emyspot makes it easy to make a website that reflects your sporting team, whether it be a soccer team, a rugby team or tennis club. Use it to make a blog to spread club news and match results, share photos, receive membership subscriptions and match registrations.

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A sports club website - perfect for sponsors' banners and ads

There's even a widget created for sports clubs to enable potential sponsors to order and pay for advertising space without leaving your website. They can pay right there and then by credit card via PayPal.

Personalize your site's contact form to enable members to pay dues or sign up directly on your website, or to gather registrations for upcoming events, tournaments or fixtures. It's a great, and easy, way to save time and contribute to building your sports club.

If you'd like, make a free online shop and sell your t-shirts, caps, scarves and other gear directly on the web - it's a fantastic way of generating valuable income for your club's activities.

Bring your member community to life, publish news for supporters

Make a blog to quickly communicate with your members, sponsors and supporters, and keep them up-to-date with your latest club news, sports trivia and competition results. Use your club's online album photo and video gallery to give them access to visual content highlighting past events and competitions.

Your members, their family and friends can comment on your latest club or team news, share photos and videos and encourage your team to victory thanks to the online guestbook. Why not make a forum on your club website and send personalized newsletters, complete with team logos and colors, to keep your members and supporters informed with the latest team news and breathe new life into your club.

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A powerful communications tool for your club

A full-featured, intuitive website editor enabling you to quickly publish your texts, photos, videos ... easily, without any prior skills, to:

  • Present a sporting club
  • Publish training times and site access maps
  • Provide downloadable documents (registration and membership fees forms, brochures, press clippings etc.)

Use emyspot to make an agenda or calendar on your sports club website to announce sporting results and upcoming match dates.

If you'd like to give your club site a pro edge and get access to a host of exclusive additional features for your members and visitors, just take a look at the VersionPLUS advantages, available for just €45/yr. Amongst the great features you'll get for your club site are an exclusive club members-only content zone, and enhanced newsletter features.

Why wait any longer?

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