Make a photography website

Choosing to make a photography website is a great way for professional and amateur photographers to promote their photos and photography business, sell images and photographic equipment.

emyspot makes it easy to make a pro photo website with no prior technical skills, publish photos online, sort them by category or display slideshows.

Make a website

How to make a photography website

Whether you're interested in wedding photography, concert photos, macro-photography, portraits, or sports photography, you'll find it simple to publish and display your images on your free photography website. All it takes to make a photography website is to sign up for a free account. Everything you'll need is right there online, in your web browser - there's nothing to install.

Once you've registered, start using the simple yet full-featured WYSIWYG page editor to make unlimited web pages filled with multimedia content like photos and videos.

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Show off your best shots and add slideshows easily

Being a photographer's website, it obviously important to display your best photos. Whether you're an amateur or professional photographer (wedding photographer, concert or band photographer, fashion photographer etc.), you can make a free online photo album in no time, transforming your website into a promotional tool for your activity.

Sort and organize photos, resize or reformat photos for optimal web display (72 dpi), configure your slideshows everything you'll need to promote your business or hobby on the web is already included.

Already published your images on an external site, like Picassa or Flickr There's no need to transfer them if you don't want to. emyspot's website creation philosophy is all about making it easy to make a website, anyway you want. In addition to the included free website builder tools, you can easily integrate a Flickr or Picassa gallery.

Make an interactive photo website for your clients, friends and loved ones

Make a photo blog to highlight your work and photographic talents. Deciding to make a blog is a great way to present your work from your own, behind-the-scenes perspective, giving clients valuable insight into what happens inside the studio. It's a great way to keep clients, friends and family up-to-date with your progress as you get on with the work of printing and reworking your shots.

Visitors can leave comments on your photo blog posts, the contents of your video gallery (stop-motion animations. A film of your shooting sessions, Photoshop tutorials) and online photo albums. Make sure you enable your guestbook to provide clients and friends with a space to leave their impressions and start getting your website known.

Make a photographic forum is a good way to share advice or pointers if you're a professional photographer or passionate amateur, whilst providing a space for others interested in photography to share opinions and organise photo shoots.

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Sell prints and photographic equipment on your pro website

Make an online shop to give yourself the means to sell gear and photos right on your website. Sell shots individually, or as sets, sell enlargements, your used photographic equipment or unused gear to buy that a new lens. With automated billing and stock management, and shipping and handling calculations, combined with associated product selling and discount codes, you'll have everything you need to build the sales end of your business right on your website.

As well as providing everything you'll need to make a free website, Version PRO will give you access to extra tools and features to really create a professional photography website. You'll get access to a stack of extra features, and have 2.5 GB storage space for your photos, for just €60 / yr.

Whatever your budget for your photo website development, you'll get access to the same help to create a website, from a fast online support service to a phone support hotline to help you every step of the way as your create a photo website. That's all just a part of your new emyspot website.


It takes just a few minutes to:

  • Present your store or photographic studio (background, address, access maps)
  • Showcase your gear and techniques (film or digital, lenses, flash equipment etc.)
  • Present yourself, your resumé and exhibitions. 
  • Describe your approach to your subjects, and your preferred subject matter.
  • Present your offers and pricing details if you're a professional photographer.    
  • Publish photographic tutorials: angles, settings, editing software, illustrated with screen-shots and videos.