Guide to the booking addon

A guide for a booking site that sells

On 12/07/2017

In Help to make a website

We have added a new guide to creating a booking site that sells. We walk you through the booking add-on with detailed guides, case studies, and example sites to help you at any moment of your online booking website creation process.

The booking add-on is perfect for those who want to allow website visitors to book online. This can be used in many ways,  for instance professionals of tourism or real estate owners that want to propose lodging, hotel, or camping for online booking. But also this add-on is useful for online appointments. Site visitors can book a time slot in a restaurant or a hairdressing salon, for example. Easily allow site visitors to reserve a conference room or specific equipment. Let visitors reserve the computer room of the college or rent equipement for a period of time.

These three websites were made as example sites to give you some ideas. Check out Hazelnut Cottage and BnBHotel Marga - Center town hotel‚Äč, A hair above - Hair salon. Please feel free to visit or go straight to the guides.