Guide to the booking add-on

The reservation module is intended for webmasters who wish to create a website with an online booking system. Thanks to this add-on, you can easily propose reservations by day, night, week but also the reservation of time slot. Perfect for making appointments or reserving use for an extended time period.

The booking add-on allows you to:

  • To the professionals of tourism or lease real estate (lodging, hotel, or camping).
  • It is possible for example to create a holiday rental sites easily (lodging, hotel, or camping).
  • Anyone can offer online appointments (book a time slot in a restaurant or a hairdressing salon, for example).
  • To propose to reserve a conference or meeting room (example: reserve the computer room of the college).

If you wish to upload a single rental (or a single appointment), you can use this module for free. To go further, we offer a more complete option at 60€ TTC/year. Discover the BookingPRO Offer to better your website.

Case studies

This guide will help you to configure the add-on case by case. Learn how to enable the add-on according to your sector of activity, we offer you case studies, animated by scenarios and demonstration websites.

  • Book a hotel room

    Here is an example of the booking add-on used to create a hotel booking system that requires down payment and price varying depending on booking period.

  • Book a haircut by timeslot

    Follow along this case study to ensure that your professional website is set up to allow booking by appointments.