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Changes to come : Directory

We have been going through all of our add-ons at emyspot and giving them a fresh look. Following the footsteps of our previous updates at emyspot, we are reinforcing and complementing the directory features. We are also redefining some of the base functions of the directory. The sun has been shining, the birds are tweeting, and we are focusing on the Directory! Read on for the sneak peak of the new updates to come!

For instance, there will be exciting widgets, superior management for the links added, and much more!

These updates will mostly concern an cleaner display of your directory on the site. With the new look, you will be able to put the most important information first, creating a more interactive directory that attracts users.Spotlight your items (an item = an element of your directory) and it will now be easier to edit your directory from your manager.

We have also extended the easy block and column page layout to the Directory add-on, which has been extemely useful and well-accepted on the other add-ons. Not only is the page layout going to be easier to perfect, but you can manage your sites easier, How you ask? You can now edit on a mass scale by an import or export of information by CSV (Version Plus members only).

The two new features we are the most excited for and that have been asked for by you


Monetize the directory

Our webmasters with VersionPlus will now be able to create a directory where sites will pay to submit their link to you. This is a way to profit from your directory and can help with your pertinence and link quality in the long-run.


Spotlight featured sites

Have control over what your directory users see first when they use your directory. Feature links at your choosing. Could be those deemed pertinent by users, the most recently added, or make recommendations!  

Yes, we do listen and we are here for you :)

Also there will be three new widgets that will be broken down in detail in the widget weekly blog posts for you soon. I hope your excited for these changes, we sure are!

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  • Anum Inam
    This was an extremely nice post. Spending some time and actual effort to create a very good article. but what can I say.
    I put things off a lot and don’t manage to get anything done.
  • den
    • 2. den On 20/03/2016
    apologies just noticed it has been added thank you, can I just also say how great this all is and how patient you all are :)
    • michelle
      • michelleOn 21/03/2016
      @ Den, glad you found the widget. I knew you would be happy with this new feature! Excited to see the way it looks on your site. @ GroupUno, that will be the new key feature that will be available with the update. We will be putting out a tutorial to make it easier to put in place on your directory. @ Shawn- glad we can help! Thank you! Michelle
  • den
    • 3. den On 20/03/2016
    Please please please can you add the image and text when adding directory widget, not just the link. thank you in advance
  • Group_uno
    I love the platform that emypsot is offering to us to create beautiful directories. Maybe i don't know myself how to edit the directory or i hope you guys will integrate this feature, so when people submit their website at our directory, after they submit the website to be redirected to a payment page, for example paypal.
    Or when people they register at my website to have the option to submit from their dashboard, websites at the directory with a button that will direct them to payment page.
    Currently website that i run after people they submit their website i have to email them with the following steps to make payment for their website submission and they have to replay to me with paypal email address that they make payment and website that they sent at my directory.
    Is a bit more harder, but i am really happy with the work that i have done.
    Once again, many thanks for all your team for this great work that you do to help us achieve the level of webmasters that we want.
  • Shawn
    Wow i run a search engine directory aswell an this will help me out alot!! You guys rock ! Ill also be buying upgrades soon to help support you. So a big thanks again

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