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Hoz the peguin update effects you 1

How the Google algorithm : Penguin 4.0 will affect you

Google has unveiled changes as we all get back to work, school, and the daily grind. A new version of Penguin has arrived which impact your search engine optimization. The new algorithm filters are designed to penalize inappropriate backlinks could affect your website's position. So we want detail two important changes and share what will change with the new version of Penguin 4.0

Penguin is one of the numerous algorithms that helps Google choose the pertinent links that it will display on its search engine. First released in April 2012,  Penguin's purpose is to rid the Google search engine of websites that employ "dirty SEO tactics" to cheat using search engine optimization practices that are unnatural.

Not sure what you should be doing to optimize your website for search engines? Don't hesitate to look at the glossary to better understand the terms that you will see in the article.

Some SEO practices that are unnatural include using keywords that have nothing to do with website activities, be it on web pages or in the meta keywords. While this may allow you to appear in search engines for a time, it is punished by Penguin. In Penguin Version 1.0 this practice was punished for its lack of pertinence and negatively affected the position of your website in Google's search engines. Since then each update has been to fight against search engine optimization practices that are unnatural.

Penguin 4.0 was put in place September 23 and there two extremely important updates :

  • Punishments apply to the offending page, opposed to the totality of your website as they were in the past.
  • Penalized sites are now updated in real time, which means that a site once penalized who corrects it mistakes does not have to wait weeks or months to have the penalty waived but should be updated immediately.

Even if this is rumored to be the last version of Penguin, the importance of Penguin updates cannot be understated when trying to appear on search engines and up your position. It is reassuring to know that these abusive SEO tactics are still being combatted with fervor and the importance of correct natural SEO practices will be favored when creating backlinks.

And you, are you doing it right? Your backlinks, are they clean? The keywords you employ are pertinent? Don't hesitate to follow the guide to good SEO practices to ensure your website flourishes.

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  • shreelatha
    • 1. shreelatha On 23/05/2017
    This has to be one of the best explanation of Google algorithm in one place.. Thank you for spending more then 8 hours creating this informative article.

    quick question, I still see many sites with rich keyword anchor text in their static pages and rich keyword back links to other sites in their footer, ranking very well for their competitive keywords they are going after.. aren’t these against Google’s best practices? How are they getting away?
    • michelle
      • michelleOn 23/05/2017
      Hello, Google algorithms are finetuned to only punish backlinks that are used incorrectly. Creating quality backlinks will not be punished. In order to create quality backlinks they must link to what was promised and they keywords must be relevant. Techniques like autosurfs, link wheels or other SEO manipulation techniques are counter-productive and will ruin any backlink work that has been done. Michelle from emyspot
  • Amber zara
    What about latest Google update, All of my websites are saved in 24 Oct update, does any one else get hurt, what that update was actually about. My keywords are actually in good position.
    • michelle
      • michelleOn 08/11/2016
      Hey Amber, So this update affects your search engine optimization. Penguin chooses the links displayed on Google, and the recent update will punish websites more severely with dirty SEO tactics but also allows for you to correct your mistakes faster. It is great that your keywords are ranked well. Michelle from emyspot
  • Mary-v
    Thank you for reminding us about Google algorithm, i almost forget about it. I realise that good content is more friendly to Google then building and paying hundreds of back-links. I am not surprised Google is using this kind of methods to track down websites that want to rank high for their back-links. Try to create quality articles that will be shared on our few social media pages and this will help to be indexed, steady, but for future.
    • michelle
      • michelleOn 11/10/2016
      Hello. Glad this brief article could help. Google algorithm updates always change the SEO game. Yet, the surest way to be ranked well is to ensure that your content is pertinent. Thanks for reading Michelle from emyspot
  • Muhammad Saad
    Nice informative post, Well I like to say Google penguin is more dangerous then google panda, because all your efforts you have been doing on building back links can go in favor or against you. One of my website got hit back in 2012 since then I am looking closely at my links.

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