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New theme : A modern design for your website

On 02/10/2017

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Blogger is a new responsive theme that, like the Smart theme, is based on the EMS Framework, specially designed for emyspot.

It is thus optimized to be displayed optimally on any type of screen, from smartphone to the desktop. It is also "mobile first", ie optimized for a default display on mobile terminal, while ensuring optimal compatibility with all existing resolutions.

An unprecedented layout

The layout of your site refers to the organization of the main menus, vertical menus, content areas, header ... in relation to one another. Typically, the site header will usually be placed at the top of the site and the side menu will be positioned left or right and a footer placed at the bottom of the site.

A main menu displayed vertically

Until now, all themes on emyspot allowed you to display your main menu as a horizontal menu, either at the top of the site, above the header or below the header.

The Blogger theme innovates on this point by offering you the ability to vertically display your main menu on the left of the content area. A button placed in the site header controls the opening/closing of the main menu, thereby extending the width of the content area of the site.

Blogger vertical menu 1

The main menu displayed vertically

This type of configuration will be perfect for a blog, for example, where the main menu could allow to quickly access the various categories. On the same principle, a main menu displayed vertically would also be suitable for a photo gallery or an online shop.

Of course, it is always possible to display the main menu horizontally. Whether horizontal or vertical, the Blogger theme offers the possibility of fixing the main menu, in order to make it accessible permanently.

Blogger horizontal menus 1

Examples of the horizontal menu

A header with an image and/or a carousel

From the site's structure (accessible via Configuration> Menus), you can display a large image and a carousel of images under the heading of the site. You can also view these two areas at the same time. For some declinations of the theme, a default image is proposed to you. You can of course keep it or choose to replace it with another one.

A photo gallery in a "Pinterest" like fashion

From the options of a category of the "Photo album" module, you can define how the photos of the category will be displayed on the site (thumbnails, listing ...). By selecting the "List (large image + details)" view mode, the photos in the category will automatically be displayed in a staggered fashion (commonly called a "masonry effect" in web design) screen below:

Blogger photo gallery 1

Photo display

Customizable thumbnails

Many of the elements of the site are displayed in the form of a vignette: products of the shop, categories of the Photo Album module ... The Blogger theme allows you to personalize their appearance by offering you the possibility to define:

  • the maximum number of thumbnails per line: You can display up to six thumbnails on a single line. The number of thumbnails will depend primarily on the width of the content area of the site and the resolution of the screen. Thus, a site without a vertical menu will have a more substantial content area and will allow to display a higher number of thumbnails per line.
  • the height of the thumbnails: The height of a thumbnail depends on its content. From a checkbox, you can choose to harmonize the height of your thumbnails.
  • the appearance of the short description: the thumbnails are usually accompanied by a short descriptive text, the display mode of which you can define, as shown in the image below

Blogger thumbnails 1

Highlighting your social networks

The Blogger theme also allows you to highlight your links to different social networks. After you have defined the URLs to the various social networks related to your site (from Configuration> Settings> Site Info), choose the layout of these links on your website: in the header, on the side of the page or in the footer.

Blogger social 1

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