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On 13/07/2016

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Propose files for download - it's easy. You can upload files such as spreadsheets, Word documents, or PDFs (Portable Document Files) — with the simple widget and your site's visitors can click a button to download that document for offline use. We have also have a new tutorial that explains offering downloadable files to site visitor's in detail.

Let's meet the widget

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The downloadable file widget allows you to propose files to your site visitors. You can neatly display the title, an icon, and the file size, as well as being able to choose how the file open.

Simply choose the file you want to make available and use the widget where you please on your site. This can be integrated easily into a page or also your side menu.

List of accepted extensions : 3gp, avi, css, csv, doc, docx, eot, epub, flv, gif, gpx, htm, html, jpeg, jpg, js, mid, mov, mp3, mp4, mpeg, mpg, ods, odt, otf, pdf, png, pps, ppsx, ppt, pptx, rar, rss, rtf, svg, swf, ttf, txt, wav, wmv, woff, xls, xlsx, xml, zip

The most common file types


An MP3 file

Adding music to your site can show off your activities. especially if you’ve created your website for your band, choir or music group. There are multiple ways to add music, but in using the download file widget your site visitor's can listen to your music from wherever they are.


A PDF file

This is a great avenue to give your site visitor's information about your activities in an easy to consult and print file. Ideal for forms that may need to be printed and filled out and other content you consider pertinent. This could be helpful guides to using your products or posters promoting your events.


A TXT file

Because of their simplicity, text files do not require text reader programs. They avoid some of the problems encountered with other file formats. A simple text file can take up less storage space and can communicate a large quantity of text.


An XLS file

XLS is a file extension for the spreadsheet file format created by Microsoft for use with Microsoft Excel. Spreadsheets are useful when you want to communicate multi-variable information, for instance maybe a user manifesto or with financial calculations.

How do I use the widget

1. Click on the widget

From a content block select the fifth option on the list and follow the steps.


2. Select the file of your choice 

Choose either from your storage space or directly from your computer and then click Insert.


3. Fill in the info click save

Choose how your file will be displayed for your site visitors and fill out the information.

Info 1

Need more?

 You have a storage space of 250Mo with the VersionFree to host your files. If ever you find that you have run out of space for your files or your images upgrade to have 2500Mo with a Version Plus subscription.

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