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  • Add a blog to your homepage

    How to incorporate your blog it into your homepage by setting your blog as your homepage or using the helpful blog widgets to display your posts clearly.
  • How to make a blog

    Learn how to use the blog add-on to publish a blog, manage posts and comments, and display content on your site easily, quickly and automatically.
  • Add an image to your page

    Add images to your page using the Image widget the visual editor, or an image URL. In this tutorial we walk you through image insertion.
  • Creating members-only website content

    Create and manage restricted site content with site member accounts. Choose which parts of your website content can be viewed by everyone or which parts are restricted.
  • Managing website comments

    A tutorial to enable site comments and create a relationship with your site visitors. Encourage visitors to return to your site and build website traffic.
  • Manage your comments on Disqus

    Disqus is a free online service for users to comment in an interactive manner.
  • Manage and activate the comments on your website

    Allow users to comment on your content to up user involvement. See here how to activate and manage your comments.
  • How to import a Wordpress site to emyspot

    Easily transfer a Wordpress website or Wordpress blog to emyspot, using the built-in site import feature.
  • Give your members blog posting privileges

    Allow for multiple bloggers to publish on your site, add writers to your Blog, and capture the attention of your site visitors with the diversity of your Blog.
  • Display the last comments of Disqus

    Use the helpful widget and display your conversations on Disqus and get people talking on your site.
  • Display related posts on your blog

    Enable your settings to propose other posts that are related to your blog. Learn how in this tutorial.
  • How to use the tags

    Tag your content to create clear navigation to related content and let your users find your content easily. Tags increase your Search engine optimization.