SEO glossary

Have you done everything that we recommended? Sorry it is still not over, it is never over !

To appeal to search engines you need to update your SEO the entirety of your site's life. This task is easy to integrate but the results are not immediate.

Yet, you put in the work to make your site and now you should get your message out. If you follow this advice : write your own original  ideas, put yourself in the shoes of your reader. Search engines will recognize and reward you!

SEO definition terms

What is a search engine ? How does it work ?

A search engine (Google, Yahoo, Bing) is a site in which you look up information by keywords. The search engine indexes and analyses webpages based on their algorithms with the help of robots. These site pages are then added to the database based on the robots appraisal (pages that can after by found by web surfers typing keywords).

What is a backlink ?

The incoming links are also called backlinks. The links are present on other websites, that direct web surfers to your site. Their is a link in the emyspot directory is a perfect example of a backlink. The more backlinks (links towards your site) the more your site will be visited.

Pay attention, the backlinks need to be quality and shouldn't stray from your theme as it could have a negative impact. As for the content, it is better to favor quality to quantity.

What are internal links ? What is a link network ?

Create an internal link consisting of two different pages from the same site with a hyperlink. The internal link network must be well thought and well executed for search engine optimization.

Internal links allow you to increase your page popularity (pagerank). They allow you to bring your site visitors to other pages that they hadn't originally thought to consult, upping the amount that the pages are seen (which is an important factor when calculating the position on the search engine site).

This tutorial is helpful to make a hyperlink.

What is an anchor link ?

An anchor is the image, sentence, or the place in which you have put in a hyperlink. Anchors are important to search engine optimization. Whether the link is an internal link or an incoming link, you need a well reflected anchor (meaning to create links using keywords). Take care not to use the easy yet uninformative "click here" or "find out more". Try to use words as anchors, rather than images.

What are the search engine robots ?

It is a program that travels through the web and follow the links. The work of robots link your site to search engines. The robots are responsible to index content in the search engine database.

What is a keyword ? How to define a target keyword ?

We call keywords the words that you should always keep in mind when creating your content, and should be words that your users will be searching for in search engines. To figure out your keywords or follow the changes of your keywords, we recommend that you use the tools to monitor your site's search engine optimization SEO.

What is a sitemap ?

This file makes it easy to see all the URL addresses of your site. This is the map of your site that is dedicated to easy reading by the search engine robots (.xml). On emyspot the sitemap is automatically created and can be accessed easily by adding /sitemap.xml to your root URL address. for example to access the sitemap of you will type

What is robots.txt ?

This file of robots.txt gives search engine robots zones to analyze and index.

We invite you to read this tutorial to discover how to use your robots.txt

What is a redirection 301 ?

A redirection 301 notifiesthe search engine that a site or its content has permanently changed it's site address. If for any reason you change the site address of a page, any links made prior to that change will be broken. It is therefore important to create redirections so that your site visitors can find the pages they are looking for and search engines and do not land on an error page.

To manage your redirections of your site, we invite you to consult this tutorial : Make redirections for your site

How to pick your keywords wisely ?

The search engines use algorithms to rank sites. This calculation method is secret and frequently changed. Therefore there is no secret recipe to increase positions of a keyword. The search engine motor determines your position based on criteria. If you meet the standards and your site is the most pertinent reference for a keyword then you will be the first position on the lists.

How to erase the results from a search engine ?

If the content is indexed and is no longer in existance nor pertinent, it may be useful to erase its appearance in Google results. In order to do this you will need to use Google Webmasters Tools to make the request.

Why doesn't my site show up on Google ?

As we explained in the portion of this guide of website indexing, a search engine can take many days or even weeks to notice your site's existance or changes. Don't worry. Continue adding content and multiplying the links to your website while you wait. Sometimes this takes more than a month.

You modified the content but it is not yet changed on Google, why not ?

Once you have saved your content, it is available online with no delay. Meanwhile the search engine uses a history system. It does not display information in real time but it obtains it from the indexed material of the databases.

If you change the page title or the description, you will have to wait for the search engine robots to pass over each page. This will take time as the database is updated on the search engine. Only after this update by the robots is completed will your pages be indexed and saved to the search engine.

I purchased a domain name but it Google is still showing my address, why?

Patience. Even if your domain name is installed, you will need to wait for Google to account for this URL change. Everything depends on the next robot search on your site, and can take days or weeks.

What is the pagerank ?

This is the measuring tool that Google uses to rank a site, and is a system grading from 1 to 10. This is supposed to define pages based on their popularity. The more quality links and content that you have the better pagerank you will have.