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6 tips to better your product page

On 21/09/2016

In E-commerce

For an e-commerce website product pages are the most important point of sale that can not be ignored. To create a product page that sells can be difficult, so we have picked 6 tips that are essential when you create your online store.

Tip n°1 : Provide photos of your product with all the details

It is essential to show your product in all its glory. The Front, back, sides, bottom, top, when it is in use, accessories... I could go on, but you get the idea. Any way that you can display the details of your product - do it. Customers do not buy products that they can not see. You should use high definition photos where your product is the focus. Every detail is important when convincing your customers to purchase your product!

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Tip n°2 : A detailed technical description

Just making sure they are no spelling errors is not enough to gain customer confidence. You want to broadcast the qualities of your product and be able to put it into keywords and phrases. A technical vocabulary is critical, a customer should be able to tell if your products are quality or if you are new to the market. In addition, transparency is key, include the user's manual or even the user instructions.

At emyspot : As soon as you add your product your can display all the details to elaborate products within your catalogue.

Tip n°3 : Display customer opinions to up customer confidence

Who is not looking at previous customer opinions these days? According to the FEVAD, 88% of users consult purchasers opinions before buying. For this reason it is absolutely necessary to allow your users to comment, rate and access this information. Be aware that sometimes negative comments may be left by your competitors to damage your image. Do not hesitate to spotlight the positive remarks, and delete comments that are spam.

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Tip n°4 : Delivery, payment methods, and availability

Almost all e-commerce website propose secure payment and delivery tracking, and it is information that should be reiterated to ensure consumer confidence. Allow customers to choose multiple delivery methods( express, normal, parcel pick-up, etc.) and multiple payment methods (credit card, Paypal, etc.). Be sure to display the availability of your product. In the case of stock outages, explain the delay or other recommended products. 

At emyspot it is easy to set up multiple payment solutions to satisfy your client's needs.

Tip n°5 : Display related products to up your sales

When your potential customers visit your product page, they could be interested by similar products or complimentary accessories. You can increase your sales and volume considerably just by suggesting similar products on your detailed product pages. Imagine that the customer wants to purchase a smartphone. You could display a charger kit, a phone case, protective screens, or other accessories. You will see the customer's shopping cart grow in an instant.

At emyspot link related products from the product page that you have created in the manager.

Tip n°6 : Give advice and suggestions directly to your customers

More and more e-commerce websites have a “click-to-chat” button on their product pages. This feature allows customers to talk directly to a salesperson that can give a detailled description and answer any question. This is an option to build a relationship with the customer and is essential to guaranteeing customer satisfaction. On average, 86% of customers are satisfied when able to talk with you about a potential product so propose a “click-to-chat” button to better satisfaction.

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