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Three key reasons to unlock the power of https

On 07/12/2015

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Take advantage of the SSL offer to advance your ranking, propose a secure site, and up your reputation. The advantages of the SSL offer are endless, but these are the three most important.

What does the https SSL certificate do for my site ?


1. The key advantage is of course, security

  • avoid all threats to your sites security on all exchanges of information. Site security is priceless, and can total into the thousands. At emyspot we offer this security at a low price so that everyone, no matter the budget can get the SSL certificate that protects their site. Go to the offer page to discover more about the price.

2. The SSL certificate also helps you gain credibility

  •  your site visitors are instantly assured when they see that a site is in https. It cannot be argued that sites using an SSL certificate have a better image for users : it is a sure sign of confidence that should be strongly considered to develop your business image.

3. Make sure your site is visible online, by perfecting your Search Engine Optimization and up your ranking

  • Google recently announced that they would be adding the https as a ranking factor for the position in search results. In order to ensure you appear on the top of the list in search engines, make your site secure with an SSL certificate. Google has stated that SSL certificates will be more and more important in the months to come !

There are undeniable advantages to having an SSL certificate and having an https//: web address and we only talked about the three... 

If you have any questions or want to discuss another advantage of SSL certificates, as always post your comments below. 

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