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On 16/11/2015

In New and updated features

So for the first blog post let's start with the basics. Use emyspot to make your website, awesome ! I can only encourage you to get started and make a site..

Let's talk about emyspot the free website builder tool, where site creation is made easy, unique, fun, professional, intuitive...

A lot has changed.

I am sure you have noticed a big change. The name – emyspot– this is your spot to make a site and get your message out, whatever it be and your site address expresses that! My message is something along the lines «live to be happy, use sleep and chocolate in case of emergency», not the best title but the message is good, right? Now my adress name would be something like sleepandchocolate.emyspot.com. This idea is a work in progress... I will keep you updated.

emyspot – a spot to be you.

New videos are available, thanks to our awesome in-house video animator, and more are on the way. Keep an eye out for them, but don't worry I will let you know too! There is also a new guide concept - because sometimes more explanation is needed, and there is nothing wrong with that! Check out the the helpful tutorials as well, with more coming. I often need things to be explained in detail, and multiple ways to feel like I have mastered the technique. I also will keep you updated on the new features.

But rest assured nothing has been taken away since we first started in 2009, (for those who are here from doomby, the originals). emyspot is dedicated as ever to improving site creation. Oh, and the motto stays.

Built for beginners. Designed to grow. Perfect for professionals.eMYspot

Find out more by cruising around emyspot.com or hop right in and make your site ! Look forward to more blog posts from me, and if you want to say something or ask something about emyspot do it below!

sleepandchocolate name change