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Are you on Google ? How can you get there? Work on your SEO!

When you Google search your wonderful website made with the emyspot website builder hopefully your site is there, winking back at you seductively. But if you are wondering how you can guarantee that the charm of your site is recognised by Google and other search engines, watch the video below for serious pointers to appear on search engines. 

In this first video we talk about SEO in the general sense. We go over what search engine optimisation is and what it can do for your site.  This is a great start to better understanding how to get to the top of the list of Goole and how to be "findable" on search engines


In addition to the basics described in the video we recommend you follow our helpful guide to search engine optimization

In the next video we will be going over two ways to  push your site. This step is called "index" and it is how you can enter into Google's search database, as well as other search engines so that your site will be found easier. Stay tuned.  


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  • Omer Riaz
    Really Helpful Tips. As an SEO Expert ill start using these advices. .Thanks for Sharing
  • Group_uno
    This is a very good explicative videos for beginners.To get references for your website, after you created a new website, blog posts regularly are very important.
    Great quality articles of about 1000- 1500 words about your specific niche of your website will help search engine robots to crawl your articles and rank them higher on search results.
    Also i seen that i working well, to include internal link in the articles, for example, taking your visitors from the page they come to, to another page to keep them longer on your website: include this words in your article like, to access the advertising page or to post your own blog posts, follow this page( where you will include the url link to your website page)
    Social media, where you need to be active like Twitter,Facebook,Google plus, LinkedIn, Instagram plus many others will help your site to get real visitors and not just bots.
    Look forward for next article Michelle.
    • michelle
      • michelleOn 31/05/2016
      Thanks for all the extra advice ! The next video post for the second SEO video will be out tomorrow. Michelle from emyspot
  • Sam
    • 3. Sam On 26/05/2016
    Great video. I saw on the youtube page that you have more videos too! This will really help my site get found. For the moment I am not anywhere on Google :/

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