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Chrome and Firefox prompt you to have https

On 06/02/2017

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Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, the two web giants have announced that they have started tagging sites as "unsafe" if they are not in HTTPS.

Chrome and Firefox sanction sites in http

Since early January 2017, those who use Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox to browse the web will be notified when they visit a site that is considered safe and when it is not.

With Chrome version 56, Google added "unsecured" in the address bar to websites with just the http connection. So all websites without the SSL certificate- security by encryption between the web browser of the user and the server of the site on which he visited- will be marked "unsecured". This can have a horrible impact on your website users. Especially on websites where visitors are prompted to fill out a form or to make a purchase.

Google explains that this modification of tagging sites as insecure is part of a larger movement that will eventually tag all HTTP sites as risky. This is rather worrisome to to sites that are still http.

The same process is ongoing in the latest version of Firefox as well. There is no obligation to secure your website right now. However, the establishment of a secure connection is strongly recommended for sites collecting sensitive and personal data (bank cards, passwords, identity...).

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An SSL certificate is a data file that binds a cryptographic key to information from an organization or individual. Once installed the certificate activates the "https" protocol in browsers. This is becoming an essential part of web navigation. Where web browsers validate an SSL certificate, determine risk, before going onto the site.

SSL is used to secure banking transactions, data transfers and use account information (such as passwords). Once the SSL certificate is installed on a site, visitors will see the reassuring "https" connection that tells the server to establish a secure connection with the browser and tells the site user that they are on a safe site.

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