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Good natural referencing takes 4-12 weeks, Google says.

On 12/04/2017

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As any good webmaster, you want to improve the position of your website in Google search results. You have followed the best practices and recommendations and you want to see the results now. Be aware that even Google admits SEO takes time, be patient and do not get discouraged. 

Google explains that SEO'rs must be patient

Seo googleAll webmasters are eager to see their site gain positions on search engines, known as SERP. And sometimes anxious enough to look towards the more questionable SEO tactics like autosurfs, link wheels that are counter-productive for your website. They're viewed poorly by search engines, and result in a reduction of search engine positioning or the removal of the site from search engines. Also be wary of agencies or SEO professionals who promise you the first page of Google in a few days or weeks.  

Maile Ohye, a "Googler" tells us in a video posted a few days ago that the SEO is no "black magic". There is no magic potion or formula that an SEO professional could use for a site to be top in the results.

SEO is not instantaneous and it will be necessary to arm yourself with lots of patience in order to see the results of search engine optimization. Google confirms, this as it stated in 2015, that it takes several months for the positive effects of an SEO change to be visible in the search pages.

Another thing to remember is to verify that your SEO actions are consistent with Google's official advice.

Natural SEO is not instant

This is a fact that comes up often, especially when talking with SEO beginners or site owners who want to know when optimizations will take effect? When will the site be in the first position on Google? How long will to go up a position?

Many webmasters want quick results, but these are sometimes unrealistic. This means that SEO professionals who promise quick results to their clientele do not always tell them the truth about referencing, which requires perseverance, analysis, and patience.

By creating your site with emyspot you have the tools and advanced options to create a great natural SEO. It is easier to please Google's robots who will analyze your website. Everything is ready, from the moment your create your website our free online CMS. We have created videos, tutorials, and guides to better your websites rank through natural referencing and SEO.  

Whether just starting or a constant SEO strategist it is good to brush up on SEO as it takes constant work.

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