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How exactly do Social Networks help your websites position in Search Engines?

Still wondering whether social networks really influence the position of your website in the search engine pages? Let it be known, the biggest contributor to your position on search engines is high-quality content, but the importance of social networks, should not be ignored. Social Networks signal the search engine robots to come and look at your content. How does this work?

An active and engaged network is important

The number of followers and likes on your various social networks influence on your position in Google, or any other search engine. But be careful, what is most important is the quality of your social network community. Just as for your website, it is always about quality. The quality of social networking, helps calculate your website's position on search engines.

When we talk about a quality community, a quality community refers to subscribers who react to your publications, either by commenting or liking, and are active and engaged. Somebody who takes the time to have a real interaction with your website content. Google's robots notice when your social network followers are active !

A word to the wise - do not buy followers. Purchased followers rarely engage on social networks and penalize your website's position.

Focus on shares

We are not going to lie, Google does not yet take into account the scope of your community to influence your position. However, the search engine will analyze the links that point to your website. These links are referred to as backlinks. When a subscriber shares your content, they have created another backlink. This should be encouraged.

Your goal on social networks should be to produce publications that people will want to share with as many people as possible. Keep in mind that you are writing for your readers first and foremost. And then let your content speak for itself.

Make sharing with Social Networks easy

Taking time to perfect your content for social networks can prove to be very advantageous for natural SEO. We offer some tips to optimize your website for social networks:

  • Integrate sharing buttons on your website for social networks

  • Post quotable content to your social networks

  • Ask questions to engage with your brand or community

  • Use hashtags wisely so that your content is accessible to everyone to follow you and broaden the discussion

  • Work on posts so they are easy to share

  • Respond to comments on your content as quickly as possible.

Also, the more your community commits on your publications, the more traffic your website will be important. And this, Google takes into account.

So anticipate optimizing your content for social networks, as the Google algorithm constantly changes. And while it may give more importance or less importance to social networks for SEO, regardless creating backlinks with quality content will increase your website's position in search engines. Social networks are a powerful marketing platform, where each builds your website's reputation and credibility.

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  • By Ferreira
    I'm having trouble with this part because I'm working with small sites. The article helped a lot, but I'll see a way to apply my reality, because it has a fan page for each is going to get complicated.
    • michelle
      • michelleOn 17/01/2017
      Hey Ferreira. It definitely is a bit of work to juggle multiple social network pages and websites. I would suggest using the share buttons on the website, and publish new content automatically. You can also connect your facebook and twitter accounts so that when you post on one, it posts on the other. There are many tools that can help you manage social network pages. But as stated in the article social networks are powerful marketing tools, but content and backlinks are still the best way to ensure a well-ranked website. Happy webbing Michelle from emyspot
  • Group_uno
    This article is good, but doesn't say that influencers on social media they buy followers, they run ads and build backlinks to their social media page/profile.
    Is nothing wrong to buy followers from my point i see many website owners they do, to attract big brands that are interested to have promoted their products through that social media account.
    Also when you make a post on Facebook, use a seo text same like your website article and insert # (hashtag) on the keywords that you want to rank your article.
    • michelle
      • michelleOn 28/12/2016
      Hello thanks and great to hear from you. Ads and Backlinks are undeniable aids when trying to up your SERP, and standard practice. While influencers and tastemakers may buy followers on social media, this can negatively influence their position in search engines. If your goal is to be a tastemaker on social media, and your online activities are focused on percieved numbers and likes, then content is still essential. As stated it all depends on the quality and engagement of the followers, purchased or not, and the quality of your content. Spot on for facebook hashtags, it definitely helps search engine bots and facebook to catgorize based on your keywords! Michelle from emyspot
  • Juan
    • 3. Juan On 26/12/2016
    nice sharing

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