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We have new share buttons!

On 18/08/2016

In Web marketing

We have new share buttons! As you know, share buttons are one of these free plugins available on your manager. We care about the interactivity of your website so we made them more modern and more visible to encourage sharing and stuff! See how they look:

Share buttons 1

You can now choose your share buttons among one the 4 display options on your manager:

  • 32x32pixels icons
  • Buttons with horizontal
  • Buttons with vertical counter
  • Buttons without counter

For now you can only see the design of the buttons once you have saved it but you will be able to preview it straight from your manager very soon.

New share buttons

Remember you have to activate this option first, before you can make modifications. It's very easy: you go to Settings > Global settings > Plugins and you click on enable for your whole site. Here is a helpful tutorial to add social buttons to your site if you want more details. 

Then you can choose whether you incorporate these buttons on every page or only on some specific pages thanks. Once again it's quite easy, if you want the share buttons to appear on specific pages you can manage it on the page customization form in the plugins section. If you want them to appear automatically in an add-on you can manage it from the options section of this add-on.

We also have others plugins to help you enhance the interactivity of your website such as the comment sections. Feel free to incorporate the new buttons on your website!


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