Why use emyspot ?

With over 1 million sites made since 2004 and over hundreds of new webmasters each day, emyspot is making a name for itself. Some of the best reasons to use emyspot from are users, but here are more reasons to use emyspot as your CMS

Make a website now !

Advantages : 10 reasons to use emyspot

Emyspot is a CMS to create your site, by you, for you and to watch it grow. There is nothing that needs to be installed on your computer and it is made for beginners. Giving anyone the power of a website, from aspiring students to confirmed webmasters.

Our website maker is for experts to beginners, allowing you to make a website for any project : blog, a showcase site ou encore site e-commerce etc...

Free and unlimited use 


To sign-up and start is free at emyspot. No cost, you can create as many sites as you want, and have the satisfaction of gaining key skills along the way. Able to say "I made my site, it is mine !" 

No download or installation


No waiting for the program to install, no software clogging up your storage - all you need is an internet connection and a log-in. Everything is online, in the easy to use manager. 

No technical obligations


Everything happens online, with backups created every 24h, You don't have to do system updates, we handle everything and for no cost to you, meaning that you have the most recent version of our software and all the new features without annoying system updates and restarts. In addition, there is no traffic limit on your site.

A full set of tools


You manage your site from the manager. We give you an interface that is simple to use and a full set of tools. Making an illimited amount of pages with rich content becomes child's play. With widgets, great add-ons like booking or payment structures, and blogs which allow you to easily add photos, categories, and much more. 

Help at any moment


You have so many resources available to help you make your website, with the tutorials, guides, and videos. Moreover, the emyspot support team is available 6/7 and can be contacted by clicking on the help button in your manager. 

Personalize your graphic themes 100%


With over a hundred graphic themes, all are responsive (adapt regardless of screen size be it a smartphone, tablet, computer..) You choose the theme that fits be it the colors of your school for example. Regardless of your activity, you will find the theme that you need, 

Pick and choose your offer


At emyspot we have a range of offers :  Version Plus gives you a website without publicity and gives more features. Do you manage a restaurant ? Subscribe to the Restaurant Pro offer and get the restaurant add-on. Pick and choose what you want, when you need it.

Superior SEO tools


The sites that are created on emyspot are optimized naturally on Google. You will also find tools that allow you to better the SEO of your site. All the tools necessary to up site traffic or get readers on your blog and increase the numbers of your users. 

A CMS made for you


The development on emyspot, as well as the team is dedicated to creating a CMS that is perfect for each user. Proposing all kinds of services, we have a  team of support, finance, developers, and marketing dedicated to the evolution of the emyspot CMS. 

For experts and professionals


For experts, to edit and add CSS, HTML or Javascript allows you to completely personalize your site. Web professionals appreciate using emyspot as a tool for making sites for their clients, with a personalized back office. Discover more and contact the emyspot team