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A lot of budding entrepreneurs dream of building an online business, whether to supplement existing or new activity, to provide value-added services for clients or to boost revenue.

You're an entrepreneur, a creator of wealth and captain of industry, not a web designer - our feature-rich yet easy-to-use website builder enables you to easily make as many web pages as you need.

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How to make a business website



All you need to make a pro website with emyspot is an internet connection and a free account.

Once you've signed up, you can start taking advantage of all the free website tools you'll need to build a business website that's full-featured and adapted to your needs and goals.

You're an entrepreneur, a creator of wealth and captain of industry, not necessarily a web designer - our feature-rich yet easy-to-use website builder enables you to easily make as many web pages as you need.


Powerful communications and marketing tools for your business

Choosing to make a business website with emyspot means you get free website builder tools that will save you time and money. Use them to make a blog to share your corporate news, new product releases and upcoming projects - highlight them by making an online photo album and a video gallery. It's a perfect way to reach out to potential customers and business partners, and to build your brand and corporate image.

Use another of the free tools to make a company newsletter, branded with your logo and design, manage press contacts and communicate with clients etc.

A vibrant, interactive portal for getting customer feedback

Breathe life into articles posted on your corporate blog or small business blog, your marketing photos, videos, product brochures or online store pages, by enabling visitors and clients to leave feedback and comments directly on these and other elements of your website, like your company guestbook. Publish online polls and quizzes to highlight sales and promote sales through marketing campaigns, or to encourage natural link building via built-in social networking tools like Facebook, Twitter and Google +1.

Make a forum or a private area of your website, reserved for your clients and suppliers to provide after-sales support, build a customer community, create a collaborative work space and more. Personalize your contact form to gather invaluable customer feedback and necessary information to provide quotes, receive job applicant details, gather sales return or product servicing information.

Choosing to make a pro website is the perfect way to open a dialog with your current and future customer base, and to build awareness of your corporate identity and brand. Retain control over your online communications strategy by moderating visitor comments, filtering spam etc.

A full-featured e-commerce solution that grows with your business

emyspot provides two completely integrated and secured e-commerce solutions for businesses looking to sell goods and services online. Use it to make a free online store easily. Your free online shop comes with everything you'll need to manage stocks and orders, apply variable taxes and shipping charges, and to automatically generate order forms and PDF invoices.

If you'd like to make an e-commerce website with more, you can subscribe to the full e-commerce module for just €155/yr. Use it to create as many products as you'll need, add associated products to boost sales through cross-selling, and use powerful marketing features designed to boost your online sales, such as client groups and discount codes. These easy-to-use tools are available to entrepreneurs looking to build a full-featured, affordable e-commerce platform.

What are you waiting for? Get your online business up and running today!


What you can do with your site

  • Present your company's goods and services (via texts, images and videos)
  • Present your corporate or sales team, to highlight their talents and experiences
  • Show off your past work for satisfied customers
  • Provide access maps, contact details (e-mail addresses, phone and fax numbers etc.)

Create a website for your business to showcase your goods, services and skills, or to sell online via a free online shop.