Gourmet Goodies

A demonstration website with E-commerce features

This website was created with the store add-on and gives you an idea of the E-commerce solutions we propose at emyspot. Complete the order process, discover the free features when building your free online website.

Made with the online store add-on

Go to the website: gourmetgoodies.doomby.com/. See what you can create when you activate your online store. 

- Display products with detailed product pages

- Include essential store info

- Personalize the store homepage

- Easy clear payment methods

"GourmetGoodies has assembled the finest products and chef so you can concentrate on what you need to do: eat and drink life to the full!"

Gourmet goodies

Find out more about the online store add-on

Product Catalogue

Display products in a clear cohesive catalogue that you can make and fine-tune, with easy editing tools browsing your offers and products will drive sales.

Marketing tools

Make a free e-commerce site and have access to superior marketing tools like shares on social networks, cross-selling, and SMS text campaigns to up your profits.


Make a free e-commerce site. All the necessary tools are available to control orders and sales. Orders can be accessed from anywhere and in real-time. 

Methods of payment

At emyspot, make a free e-commerce store and make the payment process smooth and simple for your customers with multiple payment methods.


Make your handling and shipping easy with the emyspot e-commerce solutions, and have your customers complete the purchase with ease.

Additional store settings

Make a free e-commerce site. Fine-tune your store settings and tap into your sales potential. Go further and try the StorePRO for more helpful tools.