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Have a successful holiday store this season.

On 21/11/2016

In E-commerce

Some major online shopping periods are coming up. Cyber Monday, black Friday and the holidays, now is the time to perfect your e-commerce store. When you prepare your online store keep in mind that clean, simple designs, and reassuring repetition sells best.

What you should do ?

Create a sleek simple design that uses white space to highlight the high-quality images and products. This is easy to do with the emyspot website builder with any of the hundreds of templates available, although we recommend the smart theme. It's sleek simple design with mobile first features is perfect for e-commerce.

Show off your sales and promotions and repeat them often on your website. Make sales and promotions clear in the navigation bar. Clearly display your product categories and what you have to offer. There is nothing more enticing than a clear organized navigation bar.

And if the navigation bar does not have what your shopper is looking for, include a search bar that will allow your shoppers to find the product they need. Be sure to tag your products, so no product falls through the crack when shoppers use your search engine. Tagging your products will not only benefit your shoppers but make your products primed to be found on search engines like Google or Yahoo.

Use clear and trending keywords to better your product placement and reach clients. Then let the descriptions, photos, and product details close the sale. During the holiday season some top keywords are gift, sale, gift ideas, Christmas, holiday, season, winter, promotions.

While you do not need to overwhelm your shoppers with Christmas whimsy (although this works as well), a more subtle, understated reference to the holiday season works well. In the first example, Anthropology, they created an entire category dedicated to Christmas. In the Christmas category you can suggest gift ideas, decorations, and recommendations that up sales. And below we are prompted to discover the gift ideas through guides that Amazon has created.

Clear navigation makes shopping easy, and navigation must be perfected on your e-commerce site to capitalize on the holidays.

Another key feature that makes an e-commerce site successful is to create a member login for shoppers. This allows them to consult their cart at any moment, and provides shoppers more purchase details through a personalized account. Make it easy for shoppers to access their account by putting a login in your menus with an easy to use widget or by link.

Be sure to proudly and clearly display the cart to shoppers. In this way they can consult their products and keep shopping with all the information in hand. Also, take the time to proudly display a product, perchance a popular selling product, or a new product. It is great to feature products and see what product is best, sparks interest, and sells.

Let's look at two often shopped and successful websites. 

As we look at the following e-commerce websites we are going to go over what works, and what you should think of editing your website for the holidays, and thereafter.

So perfect your website to up your profits this holiday season