True Grit : Make your site a success the "right way"

On 11/05/2016

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To make a website, is easy and fun, but it requires a persistence in the long-run to be successful! A certain grit, if you will. While many champion that talent is the key to success, with the helpful tutorials and guides you can become a talented webmaster in no time. Yet, when building a website, as a beginner or a webmaster grit is a main factor to success !

In fact according to a study done by Angela Duckworth, grit matters more than talent; and second, that it’s possible to enhance your grit. But the idea of grit, perseverance and working hard is nothing new. We all have heard this over and over since we were babes. The number of times my dear ol' mum told me to continue playing the piano, and through grit and perseverance I can now play very advanced songs. She told me often enough that it has become a mantra, and while my piano days are over, my grit has stayed with me.

But how does grit communicate to making a website?

Clear purpose

First you need to do the thinking stuff, to make a website that doesn't suck. What do you want the website for? What will it contain? What kinds of content will you have? Who will be looking at it? Who are your potential visitors? If you know what you want to do, if you have direction, then you will be able to put it into practice and start doing stuff.

Write clearly

When you create your website at emyspot, you are taken to your manager from the word go and you are free to create the content you want. So with the thinking stuff decided in the step above you know your audience and you know what you want to say. So communicate your projects, company, or activities clearly, without fluff and confusion. You have something to say. So go on and say it.

Be clear and write well. The flashy design can come later.

Update your content

Some sites do not need much upkeep, but it is strongly recommended to look over your content and make sure that it is up-to-date. Grit your teeth and reread what you have written, you may want to change some information. Be it to update company information or personal info(maybe you want to change your status from a die-hard fan of Hanson to something more recent). People can access your content at any moment, and your perseverance and dedication to up-to-date content will be positively reflected!

Clean code

This is easy enough to accomplish, if you know how. For instance, you should be looking for unnecessary file formatting and useless space code when your text is in source code (HTML). This can be done easily from the emyspot manager as you are on the visual editor that allows with the click of a button to turn your content display into <source> or <html>. From this you can see if your source is clean, or needs some work. Remove empty paragraphs which look like <p>&nbsp;</p>, convert bold text to  <b> to the HTML code <strong>, or italicized text <i> to the corresponding HTML <em>. Replace symbols, like accents or those not found on the keyboard, with HTML. Indent with tabs, not spaces, and in regards to spaces that appear in your code as &nbsp; get rid of them and replace with an ordinary space.

Keep your code clean!

Search Engine Optimization

Getting seen on search engines in 2016 is work, and does not happen overnight. SEO is something that you need to work on in the long run. At emyspot we have helped with your natural referencing from the start, and we continue in the long run as well. We have numerous blog posts about Search Engine optimization, helpful tutorials about referencing, and a step-by-step guide dedicated to getting your site seen. Your SEO needs to be worked on in the longterm!

Do you have the grit to make your website work? At emyspot we know you have what it takes and we are always here to help! Comment below, we love to hear from you.

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