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Search Engine Optimization for 2016

On 26/02/2016

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Increase your site's visibility on the web. Encourage search engines to index your new site in haste! As a first step we suggest you submit your site to the emyspot directory ! This alone is not enough, especially with the new trends in 2016. It is not simple as that to appear on search engines, and you need to work on your search engine optimization to appear higher on the results list.

It used to be enough to define your meta keywords and get on directories. Backlinks and keywords have not lost their importance, but it is no longer sufficient to rely on directories to optimize your site and get found on the web. You need to do more in 2016.

Backlinks and directories

Directories are sites that recommend other sites. If the directory is visited it will increase your site traffic, but people no longer give much weight to directories. Directories create a link to your site which helps you get indexed. As we explained in our guide to search engine optimization(SEO) each backlink is attributed a certain value, and can affect your site negatively of positively.

A link in the emyspot directory helps you get indexed faster and is a good first step in SEO. The emyspot directory is popular and known to the search engine robots, the search engine robots crawl through the web and index the sites they come across. Indexing is just the first part of the SEO quest.

To add your site to the emyspot directory, sign in to your manager and go to the menu Marketing > Directory. . Of course, this process of registering in the emyspot directory is free ! Even better, each time your site is updated it will be placed in the first position of the directory category. Be sure to wisely choose your title, description, and keywords as this will be indexed. This provokes a quick sweep by robots to correctly index your site on search engines.

Don't waste time on submitting your site to a plethora of directories, there are millions of directories on the web ! Instead be sure to find quality sites and create backlinks. A good starting point is to submit to directories like Dmoz, but we recommend you search for niche directories that cater to your audience. For instance, if your activity is as a web professional you may want to submit your site to Teleport, Startup Stash, orTraveller Stash.

The trends of SEO in 2016

1. Social Content takes precedence

Improve your SEO and communicate about your site's activities on social networks. Search engines in 2016 are upping the importance of social networking like Facebook and Twitter. Google has even made deals with the social network giants of Facebook and Twitter and therefore index social content faster, and this is becoming a trend for all social media, changing the old perception that the "web" and "social networks" are different.

Put a link of a new article of your blog on your Facebook page. Use the social network widgets and plug-ins, and not only will it increase site visits but your site content will be indexed quicker. If you have not created a Facebook account for your site, what are you waiting for? This is not just the case for Facebook, but all social networks are extremely important.

2. A need for Mobile Optimization

All themes at emyspot are responsive, and if you are operating with an older non-responsive design we recommend you go change it. It is now the norm to access sites from any device,tablets, computers, but more importantly phones! Using a mobile device to search has increased 43% year-to-year(according to a Furthermore Google uses mobile optimization as a factoring criteria in their ranking calculation.

Google caters to its users and favors mobile-optimized websites. There is no reason to keep your site in the dark ages and negatively impact your ranking on search engines by having a non-responsive theme. Change your theme if necessary!

3. Videos overtake written content in importance

Videos are an easy way to communicate your message and content. With the ease of integrating videos into your site at emyspot, it is simple to respond to this SEO trend. People love watching content and don't have the patience to read it. While written content is the go-to method to communicate and infographics, images, videos are added to make your site prettier. This has changed!

Advanced technology and apps like Vine, Periscope, Snapchat, are pushing people towards visual content. This push is also coming from Google. Google now proposing video ads in search results upping the importance of videos. So think to add videos to your site

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