SEO and Search Engines

It's important to spend time optimizing your website for search engines, as most visitors will use Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search sites to find your website.

Referencement Google e-monsite

Add and display partner website links on your site

Add partner or sponsor website links, displaying links via a backlink building process to improve your site’s visibility in search engines is easy.

Getting started with SEO and search engines

A basic tutorial for referencing your site and SEO. Get help with submitting your website to search engines, back link building, and more...
Webmaster tools 1

Validate your website with Google Search Console

Google Webmaster is a free service, designed to make your life as a webmaster easier. Correct errors, track visits, keyword searches, and ensure your website puts its best foot forward.
Design 1

Create a clear, concise, and practical site

Tips and pitfalls to avoid to create a site that is pleasing to the majority of site visitors based on content, design, and navigation.
Robots txt

Robots.txt file definition and use

This robots.txt file lets you instruct the search engine robots as they index your site. This tutorial explains how to edit and use the robots.txt file.
Guide seo 1

How to master SEO : A guide to SEO referencing

This guide walks you through how to better your sites appeal to search engines to up visitor traffic through indexing, natural referencing with the emyspot website builder.
Understand seo

Understanding SEO

Terms to get your site discovered on search engines and better your search engine optimization (SEO). A great base to gain positions and rate higher to up site traffic.
Google search

Get indexed : Be present on the search engines

Before worrying about your ranking you need to focus on getting indexed. We walk you through the index process.
Balise meta

Optimize Meta descriptions

To better your ranking on the search engines this guide helps you to understand the different META fields to use for advanced SEO.
Quality contenu

Optimize content

If you write quality and quantity content and become the top position of the search engine results list.
Glossary seo

SEO glossary

Search engine optimization is explained further to help with your site's position on search engines.
Tools seo

Tools and Help to better reference your site

Use these additional services to better your keywords and to analyze the competition.

Communicate on the web

Network, communicate, and increase your chances of your site getting viewed on the web.
Referencement local 1

Optimize local SEO

Local indexing is a wonderfully useful to getting yourself known and indexed locally. Discover the tools that help you get your address out there.
Structure site 1

Optimize your site structure

Your site should be easy for the SEO robots to navigate and propose your contents to the readers. Here are some tips.