New and updated features

Get creative with your website design

On 06/11/2012

We’re mentioned in the past why we do the things we do: to help you express yourself online, to communicate on the web, and above all else, to make the kind of website that’s right for you. The internet is a big place, and ensuring your message gets heard online is a whole lot easier if your website design appeals to visitors. Your site design is one of the first things that visitors will notice, so we’ve taken time to publish a some great new website design themes over the course of the year to help you get your site looking its best, in next to no time.

New website content explorer

On 10/10/2012

It’s been a year since the last major update to doomby’s website builder, and the team has been hard at work adding new features ever since. Our latest and greatest is the new content explorer, designed to make it simpler to manage your site pages.

The new content explorer is now online in your site manager, in the Pages add-on (head to the Pages > Manage pages menu to start taking advantage of it today).

And yes, it still works with an iPad and iPhone. 

Personalize your website date, time zone and email formats

On 25/04/2012

It’s been a while since the new version of doomby has been up and running, and high time to fill you in on some of the great new features. In addition to all the existing tools to make a website that you’ve been used to in the previous version, your website builder tools now enable you to personalize your website in new and exciting ways.

Setting up website date formats

Your website settings include the possibility to personalize the layout of dates for items published on your website. Take this blog post as an example – if you look just under the post title, you’ll notice an automatic date stamp.

You can personalize the presentation of date stamps used on your website, to apply long date formats, abbreviated or numerical formats. And it doesn’t matter which side of the Atlantic, Pacific or Indian you live: you’ll find a date format that works for your website.

Define a time zone for your website

Personalize the time zone format for your website to ensure dates “rollover” the way they should, wherever you may live. Simply choose the time zone for your locale, or the one you’d prefer to apply to your website, and save your changes. It’s that easy.

Personalize your website email address

Whenever visitors subscribe to your newsletters, order items on your online store or receive reply notification emails via your online contact forms, you can now personalize the email sender address and name that will appear in your site emails, to harmonize your online communications. Choose one of your personalized email addresses if you have your own domain name for your website for a coherent end-to-end online marketing and communications strategy.

To adjust and personalize your website settings, just head to the Settings > Global settings > Site info menu of your site manager.

Unleash your website: doomby V4

On 27/07/2011

We’ve been pretty busy here at doomby over the last few months finishing up work on the next version of our free website builder. One of the key driving forces behind this work has been to help beginners make a website more easily than ever before, by simplifying the layout of menus and unifying website builder tools like the new site content explorer.

One of the new features of doomby V4 is the new site menu manager, designed to make managing website menus more user-friendly than ever.

Save, trash, and recycle site content: doomby V4

On 03/06/2011

How many times have you thrown something away, only to regret it later on? If you’re anything like me, the answer to that question is “too many to count”. Website creation – especially when you first begin to make a website - inevitably results in more content than you need, and in way too many hastily deleted pages or files.

Up until now, that, as they say, was that: a deleted page, image, blog post or other element of your site content was gone for good. Deleting whatever site content you don’t need anymore is a solution to dealing with clutter, but it’s also a very radical, and permanent solution. Too bad if you change your mind later on, that page and those files are gone for good.

Easy site design tools: doomby V4

Easy site design tools: doomby V4

On 23/03/2011

Although doomby comes with a wealth of ready-made design themes, one of the easiest ways of ensuring your site stands out from the crowd is to personalize your chosen design template. All the necessary website design tools are built right into the site manager, enabling you to choose colors, borders, fonts and images for your site header and background.

We’re currently finishing up work on getting the design editor ready for the next version of doomby’s free website builder, and it’s time to take a look at what’s in store.

Supercharge your site’s SEO: doomby V4

Supercharge your site’s SEO: doomby V4

On 09/03/2011

One of the most requested features we receive here at doomby is a website search function. Site searching is particularly useful, it must be said, if you make a website that extends beyond the homepage; you can add tag clouds and menus, but sometimes your visitors like digging around all by themselves to find exactly what they’re looking for.

We’ve spent a lot of time thinking about the best way to help visitors find your sites on search engines, and on ensuring they can easily access your site content, to make doomby even better for your website. Here’s a preview of the result of our hard work, coming up in the next version of your favorite free website builder: supercharged site SEO, with search!

Selective site content access: doomby V4

Selective site content access: doomby V4

On 03/03/2011

People choose to make a website for all kinds of reasons, so website content comes in all shapes and forms. But not everything you publish on your website is destined for viewing by just anyone; that online photo album, for example, might contain some images that you’d really rather not put on public display. And if you’re looking to make a company website, you might prefer not to share details of your next business meeting with people outside the office.

As doombyPLUS users already know, it’s simple to restrict access to site pages or add-ons, like the Diary, Photo album, Blog or Forum, ensuring only site members can access them, or visitors who have the right password. Selective content access is one of our most-used doombyPLUS features, so we’ve spent time ensuring it’s even better in our next version.

Managing site files: doomby V4

Managing site files: doomby V4

On 09/02/2011

The next version of doomby is not far away, so it’s time to take a look at one of the most visible changes to your free website builder tools you’ll be encountering very soon. One of the most-requested features we’ve been asked for is a way to manage files more flexibly from within the site manager, and we’re happy to deliver!

In response to your requests, we’ve completely overhauled the way you’ll manage files in the next version of your very own free website maker. The changes will make it even easier to create a website and to manage your site content, with a more user-friendly and intuitive file manager.

Make a multi-language website: doomby v4

Make a multi-language website: doomby v4

On 04/01/2011

As anyone who went shopping during the holiday season can attest, the world is a pretty busy place filled with a whole lot of people. And whether you’ve decided to create a website for your friends and family, or to make a pro website for your business, chances are your potential site audience is a whole lot bigger than those huddled masses you had to fight with when you went last-minute gift shopping.

In order to help your website reach as many people as possible, it’s a good idea to ensure your site content is accessible to people who may not all speak the same language as you. We’re currently hard at work ensuring you’ll have everything you need to maximize your site audience. Here’s a sneak peak at one of the great new features coming soon for your doomby website.