The best Alternative Wix 2023 to create a website for free

Are you looking for the best alternative to Wix in 2023 to create a website for free?

In this case, emyspot is a great option! It is a website creation software that offers many features and tools to create a custom site. Whether you want to create a showcase site, e-commerce site or blog, emyspot can meet your needs.

This alternative to Wix allows you to quickly and easily create a dynamic site

This website creation software is easy to use and intuitive, which means that anyone can create a website without needing technical programming skills. It offers several site creation tools, which makes creating content simple and fun. In short, it is a practical and accessible Wix alternative.

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Why look for a Wix alternative ?

Wix is a free website creation platform that offers many customizable templates to create an attractive website. With a variety of graphic theme choices, it is possible to create a professional and personalized website, in harmony with the company’s graphic charter, to reflect its identity and needs.

Wix is an intuitive content creation tool that makes it easy to create a website through its user-friendly interface. By using the drag-and-drop system, it is easy to create web pages and customize their content with elements such as photos, videos, call-to-action buttons, etc. Even without any programming skills, Beginners can create a professional website without having to write a single line of code.

Pros and cons of Wix

Wix offers interesting features to create a dynamic website, such as adding a blog, an online store, a booking system or an online calendar. However, it also has disadvantages that can be avoided by using an alternative to Wix.

First of all, Wix is not the cheapest site creation tool on the market, while some alternatives offer solutions equivalent to more affordable rates. In addition, Wix is not the best CMS in terms of natural referencing, while some alternatives allow to create a website better referenced on Google.

In addition, Wix is not suitable for creating an important online store, while some alternatives offer the possibility of creating online stores without limits. Wix customer service is not optimal, but some alternatives offer customer support available to respond quickly and support users in the creation of their site.

Finally, Wix sites are not well optimized for mobile, while some alternatives offer responsive designs to optimize visitors' navigation on mobile.

Emyspot , a Wix alternative

  • Create a free site

    Emyspot is an alternative option to Wix for creating free websites. The free version is available with no time limit and allows you to create a site with an unlimited number of pages, while offering access to most site creation tools. For those who want to access all the features of emyspot, there are paid subscriptions at a very affordable price. In short, emyspot is an inexpensive site creation solution.

  • Customize the design of you website

    This alternative to Wix makes the customization of the website design. Indeed, thanks to a design tool as well as hundreds of free and customizable themes, it is possible to create a unique site. In addition, a multitude of design customization options are available, such as changing the color, font and style, allowing you to create what you want.

  • Build a responsive site

    With this alternative to Wix, it is possible to create a responsive website. Using a responsive theme, the site adapts to different devices such as smartphones, computers and tablets, as well as different screen resolutions. This ensures optimal navigation for visitors on all media, making it possible to make the site accessible at any time, whether on mobile, tablet or computer.

  • Multiple features

    Emyspot, the alternative to Wix, offers a variety of features to meet all website creation needs. These tools make it possible to make its site dynamic and to create a site adapted to its activity. Among the various site creation tools available, it is possible to create a blog, add an online calendar, create a contact form, integrate an online reservation system, or create an online shop.

  • Create a well-referenced site

    Wix offers an alternative to create websites that benefit from a good natural SEO on Google. These sites are designed to be easily found on search engines. In addition, emyspot offers customization fields to optimize the referencing of sites on Google, which guarantees good visibility on search engines.

Create a website on Emyspot

3 Good reasons to use emyspot instead of Wix

An easy-to-use CMS

The emyspot CMS is an easy-to-use tool that allows you to create a website in just a few clicks, even if you are a beginner and don’t know the code. Thanks to its intuitive interface, it is easy to create web pages and customize their content.

Emyspot offers a free version that allows you to create a basic website, as well as paid offers for those who want to go further in customizing their site. With offers at affordable prices, it is possible to create a website cheap and easily.

Resources to help you

Emyspot provides comprehensive support to help users create and modify their website. The Huggy chatbot is available in instant messaging to answer all users' questions. Technical support is also available free of charge and answers questions within 24 to 48 hours.

For those who need personalised support, technical support advisors can be contacted by telephone. In addition, many online resources are offered, such as tutorials, guides, webinars, FAQs and a forum to help users create their website.

A site optimized for the SEO

Websites created with emyspot are automatically optimized for SEO. The site creation tool is designed to be "SEO-Friendly", that is, it is designed to appeal to search engines.

In addition, it offers many SEO optimization options and features to improve the site’s visibility on Google. By benefiting from a good positioning in search results, an emyspot site can help to develop its online activity by increasing its visibility.

How to migrate your Wix site to an emyspot site?

If you want to transfer your website created on Wix to emyspot, you can do so by creating a new website on emyspot. First, you will need to create an emyspot account that will be associated with your new website. Then you can choose the address of your site, define a title and add a logo.

After registering, you will have to choose from a hundred templates available to define the graphic theme of your website. Once the template is chosen, your website will be created with a few pages and content that you can modify as needed.
The web page builder offers the possibility to add an unlimited number of pages. By using a system of rows and columns to organize content, it is easy to create web pages.

Using this page creation platform, you can insert text, images, videos, files, as well as a variety of widgets to make your site dynamic. To transfer content from your Wix site to a new emyspot site, simply copy it.

Create a website on Emyspot