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New pages for the new year

On 06/01/2016

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Well here we are again, folks – the start of a new year. We are bursting with motivation and plans and goals. Maybe you even made some new year's resolutions for your site to up sales, get a better SEO ranking, or redo your homepage. Here is a widget that shows off all the new stuff you are doing on your site in the new year.


The super widget that shows the latest pages added or updated

I am not telling you to go out and mass produce pages, your pages should be pertinent and useful to keep the interest of your site visitors. Yet, it is nice to see that content on your site has been updated or is shiny, bright, and new. For some advice about creating new pages check out the guide to page creation.

Now it is well and good to create this new updated content, but what if people don't see it, can't find it, because they stopped looking. Once you have created your new page, or updated the content you want to let people know make it easy on them with the "Latest pages added or updated" widget.

And if you have new years resolutions... here is some advice

1. Make your goals possible and clear.

If you (like many people) resolve to be ranked the highest on Google, you may be setting your sights too high. There is no magic formula to being first on Google, but there are steps to getting there. The best way to reach a lofty goal is to focus on specific steps that can make that goal a reality. For example, for your site to be ranked better you should add new or update content regularly, clean up your code, add SEO details to your site, or check crawl errors.

2. Hold yourself accountable.

There are lots of businesses that track their participants in achievable goals, link Weight Watchers, in a semi-public manner. One great way to meeting your goals is to make them known to your site users, through a blog or a forum, or even through your site member's you can create a committee dedicated to a certain project. Users provide valuable insight and it is important that they know your goals so they can provide tips on how to reach them

Yet at the end of the day, you have to hold yourself accountable, because you know best!

Regardless of your goals, this is good advice to follow. I look forward to seeing some new and updated content !

Happy New Year! Here’s to all your successes!

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