Ecommerce : Build and manage your online store

Ensure your online store is a success by building a solid online shop from the ground up. Getting your store online is easy, with the help of our tutorials to creating an e-commerce website.

Guide to set-up your online store

Intro store

How to create your own Online Store

This guide will help you set-up you store online and use all your site features to create an efficient online store.
Setup store

Edit the online store settings

Go through this guide to better understand and configure the in and outs of your online store settings.
Setup shipping

Ship your products : Carriers and Fees

A guide to help you set-up the shipping costs and zones of your online store.
Payment methods 1

Choose the payment methods

Configure the means in which your customers can pay for their orders. Propose multiple methods of payment.
Produit catelogue

Create the product catalogue

Create your catalogue to add product pages with dynamic images that make the navigation of your online store a cinch.
Manage clients

Manage orders and customers

When a client has purchased a product on your store, they are updated at every step of the order process. See together how you manage your clients and orders.
Boost sales

Up the sales of your online store

Drive up your sales and take an active approach with marketing tools to valorize your online store, products, and activites.
Storepro 1

Go further with the E-commerce offer

Compare the FreeVersion and the E-commerce version, and go further with your online store.

Tutorials to help you building a solid online shop


Manage your Shop shipping fees

This tutorial helps setting up where to allow sales and how to manage shipping costs. Creating and managing shipping zones for your online store is easy.

Managing website comments

A tutorial to enable site comments and create a relationship with your site visitors. Encourage visitors to return to your site and build website traffic.

Creating members-only website content

Create and manage restricted site content with site member accounts. Choose which parts of your website content can be viewed by everyone or which parts are restricted.

Restrict access to site content using passwords

How to easily restrict access to part or all of their website content by password. Enabling password access takes just a few clicks.

Add an image to your page

Add images to your page using the Image widget the visual editor, or an image URL. In this tutorial we walk you through image insertion.
Define the zones

Verify the online store set-up

Setting up the online store should be done with special care to the geographic areas (Zones) configuration. This tutorial walks you through the shipping zones settings.

How to use the tags

Tag your content to create clear navigation to related content and let your users find your content easily. Tags increase your Search engine optimization.