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The Illustrative Image : What does it do NOW

Illustration image

Just until this moment, the illustrative image was not exploited to its potential, not used the same way for each add-on, and its true function was confusing. Now we have made it use clear and simple! With a tick of a box, your illustrative image will become the image of reference.

Homepage 101 : Make your homepage successful


Making a website can be challenging but as my grandpa always says, The best starting point is the beginning. After hearing this nugget of wisdom I was convinced dear old grandpa was past his prime. But alas, he is correct (as most  grandpas are).

So where is the beginning when making a website? The homepage is the first glance of your site and what it has to offer.

The homepage sets the tone for the rest of your site.


Responsive website design made easy

The Internet and devices used to access it have moved a long way from their more humble beginnings. It used to be simple to design a website, with pretty much only one way to access it online: from a fixed computer screen, that wasn’t very big. Times have changed, and these days it’s almost impossible de know what kind of screen or device will be used to view web pages when you first begin to create a website. That makes it hard to make decisions about key website design principles, like the size of the site and its content, and how best to layout pages and site navigation.

Although a response to this problem has been around for a while, it’s not until very recently that designing websites with all kinds of different screen resolutions in mind has really gained momentum among web designers.

Responsive website design

Get creative with your website design

We’re mentioned in the past why we do the things we do: to help you express yourself online, to communicate on the web, and above all else, to make the kind of website that’s right for you. The internet is a big place, and ensuring your message gets heard online is a whole lot easier if your website design appeals to visitors. Your site design is one of the first things that visitors will notice, so we’ve taken time to publish a some great new website design themes over the course of the year to help you get your site looking its best, in next to no time.


Make a bed and breakfast website work for you

Make a bed and breakfast website workIncreasing the visibility of any business helps attract new clients, and if you have a bed and breakfast, you’ll already know how important it is to get out there and advertise, through brochures, accommodation directories, tourist information centers and a website. To help guests through the front door, they’ll need to know what to expect before they arrive, and whether you’re the kind of person they can relate to and connect with; after all, those connections are at the heart of every BnB.

When you create a website for your BnB, you’ll need to do more than just give people your address and show a few photos of your rooms. Use your website to make a connection with potential guests even before they’ve arrived, by applying a few simple principals.

Dress up your website for the holiday season

Santa's coming to your websiteIf you’re anything like me, then you’re probably feeling a little excited at the thought that the holiday season is upon us once again. I put it down to my severely rose-colored memory of childhood Christmases (those creative “memories” gifted by aging). Though there are many occasions each year worthy of celebrating, end-of-year festivities are really my favorite.

When the holiday mood finally strikes you this year, why not go all out and spread a little seasonal cheer through your personal website or online business? For those looking to get merry on the web, here’s a few ideas to make a website that reflects the true spirit of the season.

iSlideshows for your online photo album

Better online photo albumsWe’ve been somewhat inspired by our latest recruit Claire to invest a little time in jazzing-up our photo albums lately, and thought that our birthday week would be a great time to introduce you to the latest site updates. As usual, the beneficiaries of all our hard work are those of you who really dig being able to make a website with as little effort as possible (and let’s face it, who doesn’t?). In order to take advantage of the latest addition to our free website builder tools, all you need to do is just apply the new slideshow display directly to your site from the manager.

Here’s what’s in store for those looking for a new way to display online photos.

Creative web design – fill the void with 4-0-fun

Creative 404 pagesI'm kinda old, so by now I've been on the internet for a while (yes, mother, believe it or not it was around before 2005). But even so, like most people, sometimes I still get a little lost in cyberspace. You probably do too – I mean, how many times have you wandered around a website only to find yourself at the end of a now-broken link, or made a typo when entering that page URL? If only I had a dollar for every time I'd come across the infamous 404 error page … It's almost unavoidable – no matter how conscientious you are when you make a website, or how fantastic and versatile your favorite free website maker is, inevitably someone, someday is going to try to access something on your website that just doesn't exist.

Thankfully, you don't have to let their experience be a painful one. It's easy to personalize your 404 error page using the free website builder tools included with your doomby website – just head to the page manager menu of your site manager, and away you go. And if you're looking for a way to turn simple navigational mistakes – or worse, broken links – into pleasant, positive experiences for your visitors, check out the following examples for a little creative inspiration.

7 of the best free website development tools

Free website maker toolsOne of the neat things about working behind the scenes at doomby is getting to chat with our members. Whilst it's always great to connect with someone new, it's also – dare I say it – fun to find out something new every day about what drives our webmasters, about how to make a website, or just to discover new website builder tools.

We often get asked for advice on how to edit a photo, make an online form or the best website to make a favicon. And not a day goes by that we don't give tips on how to find webmaster tools or other free webmaster resources.

Here are a some of our favorites:

The 5 essentials of successful online store design

Dress up your online store with doombyOne of the biggest hurdles facing e-business start-ups is ensuring the webmaster or online store owner remain motivated. It's not always easy to make an online store and to keep it running, or to stick with it long enough to ensure its financial success. It takes time to build website traffic, and to transform that traffic into sales and a loyal customer base for a new e-commerce website. And it can be disheartening to have spent time and effort to make a website with an online store, only to be rewarded with an empty bank account and a trickle of visitors.

Though it's vital to stick to a plan and to do whatever it takes to remain motivated as your online store grows, there are a few essential things you can do to give it a really good start, and to ensure you develop a successful e-commerce business.