Widget Weekly

The log-in widget - anywhere on your site

On 03/02/2016

The very first step when using this widget is activating the members area. From within your site manager you go to Marketing > Site membersto edit or add your member zone. Here are some more recommendations for taking full advantage of your member space.

Disqus : A new system to manage your comments

On 13/01/2016

The emyspot team has just published a new system to manage comments on your website. Check out Disqus, a third party service that allows for a modern feel comment program. This is extremely useful on your blog, but can be applied to all the add-ons and pages if you choose. Discover the benefits and features of Disqus on emyspot.


New pages for the new year

On 06/01/2016

Well here we are again, folks – the start of a new year. We are bursting with motivation and plans and goals. Maybe you even made some new year's resolutions for your site to up sales, get a better SEO ranking, or redo your homepage. Here is a widget that shows off all the new stuff you are doing on your site in the new year.


Two widgets to capture the power of Facebook

On 16/12/2015

There are two widgets that help you link your Facebook page to your website. Most people have a Facebook page, and if you have not yet made a Facebook page for your activity, association, or yourself, do it.


Music on my mind

On 09/12/2015

This week I have music on my mind, as I can't walk down the street without hearing songs of Christmas and cheer. I feel like Billy Mack, where Christmas is all around me and in case you want to add some music to your site, that is fitting to your tastes (maybe not Christmas music) use the mp3 playlist gadget.

3 specialized search engines

On 02/12/2015

Ask and you shall receive

As requested on Welcome to Widget Weekly, I am going to talk about the polished search engine widgets at emyspot. One of my favorite functions is the search bar, it suits my no-nonsense want-it-now persona (unless of course it is for "really important things" like the puppy bowl or boobing around on facebook). When there is no search bar, there is always Ctrl+F for instant gratification. So give us lazy readers what we want and put in a search bar !


Slide on over : the image slider gadget

On 25/11/2015

With so many widgets, we are going to break down each and explain how it works to the minute detail. The widgets are naturally intuitive, regardless it is nice to have a detailed explanation and see how the widget works and all of its features. On Widget Weekly we are talking about the image slider.


Welcome to Widget Weekly

On 20/11/2015

Every other Wednesday we will discover the ins and outs of a new widget. As there are so many to choose from let me know if you want to talk about a certain widget. As we walk through the widgets, don't be alarmed if some writer personality pops out. And as always post questions or comments below !