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Find here all the tutorials we offer to help you create a site and use emyspot. You can also find these tutorials classified by theme on the page of tutorials on site creation.

Créer un site dynamique
  • Organise your pages with categories

    A guide to organising your pages and classing them into categories to create clear site menus for site visitors and benefit from superior SEO.
  • Getting started with SEO and search engines

    A basic tutorial for referencing your site and SEO. Get help with submitting your website to search engines, back link building, and more...
  • Add universal video support with HTML5

    How to use HTML5 videos to enable cross-browser and cross-device web video integration - videos will display on any browser
  • Restrict access to site content using passwords

    How to easily restrict access to part or all of their website content by password. Enabling password access takes just a few clicks.
  • Add a slideshow to a page of your website

    It’s easy to add image slideshows to pages of your website. In just a few clicks show off your images. The how and where's of inserting a slideshow.
  • Make an online contact form

    Add a contact form to your website to obtain information from prospective clients, contacts or other site visitors. How to personalize the contact form.
  • How to import a Wordpress site to emyspot

    Easily transfer a Wordpress website or Wordpress blog to emyspot, using the built-in site import feature.
  • Add online bookings to your website with this easy tutorial and using the free Booking add-on. Publish rentals and availability calendars quickly and easily.
  • Personalize your 404 (not found) error page

    Add a personal touch to your 404 page is a way of ensuring a complete “look and feel” across your website, even when your visitors get lost along the way.
  • Using website menu templates

    Creating and applying menu templates to different sections of website content, or to individual pages, ensures your site navigation is adapted to each page.
  • Validate your website with Google Search Console

    Google Webmaster is a free service, designed to make your life as a webmaster easier. Correct errors, track visits, keyword searches, and ensure your website puts its best foot forward.
  • Add a favicon to your website

    Use a favicon to personalize the tab of your site. Choose an image and make your site stand out.
  • Using web fonts to personalize your site design

    Add web fonts and apply them to your site. Using a web font of your choice ensures that visitors will view your text as you designed it.
  • Set up an e-mail account with Apple Mail for Mac

    Set up your email account on Mail for Mac easily, using our step-by-step guide to adding your emyspot email address to Apple Mail.
  • Multi-user site management

    How to share the tasks of daily site management with others, and create a truly collaborative website. Assign content management and ensure each member of the site management team has a set role and responsibility.
  • Publish an event on your agenda website

    Help with the agenda add-on for simplified event management and publication : easily add and manage dates and events, and publish them on your site
  • Add quizzes toyour website

    How to make your site interactive and informative with a quiz. his tutorial gives you all the information you need to add a quiz.
  • How to make a blog

    Learn how to use the blog add-on to publish a blog, manage posts and comments, and display content on your site easily, quickly and automatically.
  • This tutorial helps setting up where to allow sales and how to manage shipping costs. Creating and managing shipping zones for your online store is easy.
  • Make a page using blocks & columns

    Use blocks and columns to organize and display your content in a masterful way in this guide.
  • Organize the vertical menu of your site

    Use this tutorial to organize your website's vertical menu, and create dynamic and easy site navigation. Shows how to add links or widgets to your side menu.
  • Organize the horizontal menu of your site

    A helpful tutorial to help you organize your horizontal menu to perfection. Shows you how to link internal and external pages.
  • Add an image to your page

    Add images to your page using the Image widget the visual editor, or an image URL. In this tutorial we walk you through image insertion.
  • Add a blog to your homepage

    How to incorporate your blog it into your homepage by setting your blog as your homepage or using the helpful blog widgets to display your posts clearly.
  • Display a Google map on your website

    Add maps to your website using Google maps. Provide essential information to site visitors about the location of your business, school, or enable people to find you easier.
  • Adding videos to your website

    It’s easy to add videos to your website, either by adding ready-made code from a video sharing service or by hosting the file in your site file store.
  • Add a music player to your website

    Add music to your site for guests to enjoy at their leisure. A tutorial that explains how to add files using the MP3 player widget or adding a file.
  • Add and display partner website links on your site

    Add partner or sponsor website links, displaying links via a backlink building process to improve your site’s visibility in search engines is easy.
  • Create a mobile-ready version of your website

    This tutorial helps you create a mobile website, the beauty of emyspot is that all websites are mobile ready! Just apply your design and your website can be accessed from anywhere.
  • Locating and copying website file addresses (URLs) in the site manager

    This tutorial helps you quickly locate and retrieve the addresses of images and other site files stored in your site manager. Making file linking and sharing easier.
  • Managing website comments

    A tutorial to enable site comments and create a relationship with your site visitors. Encourage visitors to return to your site and build website traffic.
  • Choosing and personalizing website design themes

    Help picking and editing your website design theme. Personalize the design easily using built-in site design management and personalization tools.
  • Sending website newsletters

    Send regular newsletters to highlight your new and important website content. It's easy, quick and - best of all - free.
  • Creating members-only website content

    Create and manage restricted site content with site member accounts. Choose which parts of your website content can be viewed by everyone or which parts are restricted.
  • Add a hypertext link to a page

    Learn to quickly add page links. Adding hypertext links helps visitors navigate, and helps search engines to understand what is important in your website.
  • Add a guestbook to your website

    Help with adding a guestbook to your website to let visitors to your site, your customers or clients provide valuable feedback about your site and the services you offer.
  • Create a clear, concise, and practical site

    Tips and pitfalls to avoid to create a site that is pleasing to the majority of site visitors based on content, design, and navigation.
  • Put an image next to text on a page

    Page layout made easy, by following this case study and get your text and images side by side with our intuitive website builder case study.
  • Understanding SEO

    Terms to get your site discovered on search engines and better your search engine optimization (SEO). A great base to gain positions and rate higher to up site traffic.
  • Manage your comments on Disqus

    Disqus is a free online service for users to comment in an interactive manner.
  • Manage and activate the comments on your website

    Allow users to comment on your content to up user involvement. See here how to activate and manage your comments.
  • How to take a screenshot?

    You do not need a camera to take a picture of your screen. Here is how to capture your screen in less than two minutes.
  • Give your members blog posting privileges

    Allow for multiple bloggers to publish on your site, add writers to your site, and capture the attention of your site visitors with the diversity of your blog.
  • Personalize the member registration form

    Users can sign-up to become a member of your site. You can personalize the sign-up form to get all the information you need.
  • Allow members to add event to your Agenda

    With the VersionPlus, you can create a member spot that allows your users to add events to the agenda.
  • Display the last comments of Disqus

    Use the helpful widget and display your conversations on Disqus and get people talking on your site.
  • Add a member sign-in box to your site

    Add a widget to your page allowing members to sign-in easily. Add it to a menu or to a page.
  • Website URL Blocked Facebook

    This tutorial will help you in the case that your site link has been blocked by Facebook. A guide of how to unblock your URL.
  • Create a fee-based member zone

    This tutorial walks you through how to set-up paid membership on your site. This feature is only available with a VersionPLUS subscription.
  • This guide will help you set-up you store and use all your site features to create an efficient online store.
  • How to master SEO : A guide to SEO referencing

    This guide walks you through how to better your sites appeal to search engines to up visitor traffic through indexing, natural referencing with the emyspot website builder.
  • Optimize Meta descriptions

    To better your ranking on the search engines this guide helps you to understand the different META fields to use for advanced SEO.
  • Optimized search engine : Better your visibility

    Write appealing content to search engines like Google and advance your standing in the Google search engine lists.
  • Get indexed : Be present on the search engines

    Before worrying about your ranking you need to focus on getting indexed. We walk you through the index process.
  • How can I transfer an existing domain name to emyspot ?

    If you have a domain name to transfer to emyspot we walk you through the process in this tutorial.
  • How to create your domain name on emyspot ?

    A tutorial to help you set-up and purchase your domain name to better your site visibility and create a clear brand.
  • Optimize local SEO

    Local indexing is a wonderfully useful to getting yourself known and indexed locally. Discover the tools that help you get your address out there.
  • Optimize your site structure

    Your site should be easy for the SEO robots to navigate and propose your contents to the readers. Here are some tips.
  • Robots.txt file definition and use

    This robots.txt file lets you instruct the search engine robots as they index your site. This tutorial explains how to edit and use the robots.txt file.
  • Optimize content

    If you write quality and quantity content and become the top position of the search engine results list.
  • SEO glossary

    Search engine optimization is explained further to help with your site's position on search engines.
  • Tools and Help to better reference your site

    Use these additional services to better your keywords and to analyze the competition.
  • Communicate on the web

    Network, communicate, and increase your chances of your site getting viewed on the web.
  • Generate profit from site submissions to your directory

    Use this tutorial to enable your paid submission to the directory and up your profits.
  • Add downloadable files to your pages

    How to add a downloadable file using the widget, creating a link, or from the visual editor. Three tried and true solutions to display your files for easy access.
  • This tutorial will help you create your API to display and use the Google maps widget on your website.
  • Empty the cache of your web browser

    Emptying the cache is the first step to resolving technical issues. This tutorial walks you through the process no matter what web browser you use.
  • Add social buttons to your website

    Give your site visitors an easy way to share your content. This tutorial walks you through how to set up your social network plugins.
  • Place an anchor in a page

    Anchor links are a great way to direct users to your content. Create anchor links easily from the page builder to better your site's navigation. Use this tutorial which shows you how.
  • Use the CSS option to build your web page

    At emyspot we have the easy to use visual editor to build your pages, but if ever you want to edit from the source, in HTML, or add CSS you can do so in a few clicks.
  • Use page anchors in your vertical or horizontal menus

    Ensure easy and clear navigation and create a menu with anchor links. Follow this tutorial to create a flawless one-page website menu or integrate an anchor menu into longer pages
  • Display an image on hover

    Want to display an alternate image upon hover. This tutorial walks you through the process, you will just need to pay attention to the details.
  • Print your web pages

    We have two solutions to make your web pages easy to print for your site visitors.
  • Add a search engine

    Make it easy for your site visitors to find your content when adding the search engine widget. This tutorial helps with set-up so you can maximize the search engines potential.
  • Recuperate your content in Google's cache

    This tutorial walks you through the last ditch effort of retrieving lost content using the Google cache.
  • Want to use Google tables or integrate your tables built with a third party service. This tutorial explains how to change your tables to HTML to use them on your emyspot website.
  • This tutorial explains the why and how to creating a category homepage.
  • Setting up the online store should be done with special care to the zone configuration. This tutorial walks you through the zone settings.
  • A new way to combat spam. A sleek, clean, and easy-to-use spam filter that can be integrated to emyspot within minutes.
  • To ensure website visitors are directed to the web page you want use redirections. Stop people from getting lost. Transfer website visitors to an updated page.
  • To add an image to the forum add-on you will use bbcode. The image must already contain a file address, read more for help.
  • To pin a message to your thread from the manager follow the tutorial.
  • Enable your settings to propose other posts that are related to your blog. Learn how in this tutorial.
  • Tag your content to create clear navigation to related content and let your users find your content easily. Tags increase your Search engine optimization.
  • Writing your pages and SEO : Helpful advice

    In this guide we explain the Visual Editor as a word processor, but also touch on search engine optimization and so much more.
  • Add widgets to your pages

    Make your page dynamic with the widgets that display content from your add-ons. Display the latest blog posts, sales, or the latest comments.
  • Advantages of the page builder

    From moving, adding, rearranging, and displaying dynamic content on your site this guide tells you how to do it.
  • Help creating web pages

    A short introduction guide to understand the page builder tool better. Make complicated page layouts easily.
  • Sell Online with PayPal

    Follow this tutorial to use the PayPal widget to sell a product or link to your PayPal account,
  • Add an MP3 playlist

    Use this tutorial to show off your music to website visitors. Simply create a playlist made up of MP3 files from your storage space with the emyspot CMS.
  • Display a table in a website

    Learn how to create a table easily in a page with the emyspot widget.
  • Personalise the image style

    Display images with personalised styles, make your own or use the presets. Rounded corners, round, or polaroid.
  • Personalize the page styles

    Find out how to use the styles to add clear formatting to your page design.
  • Enable AdSense to profit from your website

    Set up advertising on your site in order to make it profitable.
  • Add a new typography to your website

    You can add an external font to your content manager and make your website look original. Go further using CSS customisation and get better possibilities with your site.
  • Organize content with a page break

    If you want to break your content into smaller bite size pieces the page break can be set up within a click and is one of the many ways to clearly organise your content.